About Santo Domingo

Known as the First City of America, Santo Domingo is a metropolis full of charm and with a great historical value, in which streets the monumental traces of five centuries of history blend with its modern, urban and vibrant face, an interesting contrast that during your stay you should explore and enjoy.

Here was produced what history accounts as the encounter of two cultures from the arrival of the Spanish colonizers on October 12, 1492, an event led by Admiral Christopher Columbus, and that marked the fusion of Spanish and Taino Cultures and later on the African Culture.

Walking through the streets of Santo Domingo you will discover that its richness transcends the historical, since it is a cosmopolitan city with a throbbing economic and commercial vibrancy, being the main financial and business center of the country. It is a city that is not daunted but everyday innovates in itself and you will confirm it by observing its modern architecture, with its avenues, its big towers and buildings which embrace important organizations and business groups. You will also confirm it when visiting its great shopping malls, located in the most strategic points of the city, also if you use its modern subway system of two lines that cross the city from north to south and from east to west.

Santo Domingo is a vibrant, dynamic and enjoyable city that will offer multiple options to enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable vacation. Its charms goes from its museums and historical monuments, its cultural attractions, its moderns shopping malls, its varied and rich gastronomy, its throbbing nightline up to the cheerful, kind and hospitable nature of the Dominicans.

We invite you to download the Santo Domingo Official city guide:

Come to Santo Domingo - Official City Guide

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Edif. La Cumbre piso 8 Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo

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